A Potted History

Norwich and District Carers Forum was formally inaugurated on the 18th November 1993 and for £5,750 in set up costs it set out to identify and assess the needs of carers in the area. It secured charitable status in 1996 and became a network member of the Princess Royal Trust for Carers (now Carers Trust).

The organisation was re-modelled and newly named Norfolk Carers Support in 2013. Together with seven partners, the Carers Agency Partnership (CAP) was created and successfully tendered for a three year contract to provide support services to adult carers across Norfolk. From 2015, we led the partnership in delivering a service to many thousands of carers in the county.

In 2017, whilst retaining Norfolk Carers Support as our legal entity we re-branded and moved to the new operational identity of Norfolk Family Carers. The new name was chosen to reflect our work with carers and their families, recognising the benefits of an holistic approach to support.

Currently, we provide fortnightly groups and frequent trips/away days for young carers in the Norwich area and in partnership with The Matthew Project, we also support young carers across the county affected by others’ substance misuse. We are pleased to have two additional respite opportunities funded by Global’s Make Some Noise. The funds are to provide breaks for young carers and their families and  to support self development courses or activities for young adult carers.

We also have funding from the Mount Trust to fund respite activities for carers aged 16 and over who may have, or are at risk of developing, poor mental health.

Information, advice and signposting is available for carers of all ages.

A photo of a woman in a wheelchair on the solar trip boat, Ra, which is based at Whitlingham Country Park