A Potted History

Norwich and District Carers Forum was formally inaugurated on the 18th November 1993 and for £5,750 in set up costs it set out to identify and assess the needs of carers in the area. It secured charitable status in 1996 and became a network member of the Princess Royal Trust for Carers (now Carers Trust).

The organisation was re-modelled and newly named Norfolk Carers Support in 2013. Together with seven partners, the Carers Agency Partnership (CAP) was created and successfully tendered for a three year contract to provide support services to adult carers across Norfolk. From 2015, we led the partnership in delivering a service to many thousands of carers in the county.

Currently, we have a Big Lottery funded project supporting Young Adult Carers (16-24 years). We also provide fortnightly groups and frequent trips/away days for young carers in the Norwich area. In partnership with The Matthew Project, we also support young carers across the county affected by others’ substance misuse.

A photo of a woman in a wheelchair on the solar trip boat, Ra, which is based at Whitlingham Country Park