NHS Continuing Healthcare

If eligible NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) can be used to fund care in your own home or a care home. Where NHS CHC is provided for those living in a care home it covers all fees including accommodation, personal care and health costs.


To be considered for NHS CHC you or the person you care for will first need to request a screening assessment Checklist from either your GP, Social Worker, District Nurse, Care Home Nurse or other health professional.  If the care needed is urgent this can be fast-tracked, for example, if you or the person you care for are terminally ill.

A ‘negative’ outcome of the Checklist means the criteria has not been reached for a full assessment.  A ‘positive’ outcome indicates there may be sufficient needs to qualify for NHS CHC and a full assessment will be offered.  Being referred for a full assessment doesn’t necessarily mean you or the person you care for will be eligible for NHS CHC.

The full assessment is undertaken by a multidisciplinary team (MDT). The MDT is led by an NHS CHC Nurse Assessor and will include someone from Norfolk County Council such as a Social Worker or Occupational Therapist.  You or the person you are caring for will be fully included in completing the Decision Support Tool form to determine eligibility.

How we can help

NHS CHC is a complicated area of health policy which many people find difficult to understand. The assessment itself is complex and the National Framework Guidance used when determining eligibility lacks a clear definition of what a primary health need is.  This can lead to an open interpretation amongst the MDT.

A poor quality assessment can make this process even more challenging, resulting in a need to appeal the decision.  This can be a lengthy process taking many months, if not years to resolve.

We offer information, advice and support from the start which could prevent a need to appeal a decision later by:

  • explaining how the Checklist screening tool is used to identify if you or the person you care for may be eligible for a full NHS CHC assessment and how to access this.
  • helping you or the person you care for prepare the supporting evidence required for a full NHS CHC assessment, this will give the best chance of achieving an accurate and fair assessment without the need for appeal.
  • providing advocacy support during the full NHS CHC assessment, reviewing the outcome with you or the person you care for and helping you understand how the decision has been reached.

If you or the person you care for have already had an assessment and are unhappy with the outcome we can:

  • help you or them make an informed choice on whether to appeal the decision.
  • provide full support with the appeal process from local review process through to Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsmen.

Why choose us?

We are a local independent charity which has been supporting family carers across Norfolk since 1993.

Our expert, professional and confidential service has secured successful outcomes to our clients during the various stages of the NHS CHC process.

Our fees

Our ongoing support is charged at an hourly rate,  For a free telephone consultation to discuss your assessment or care needs in more details please contact us on 01603 219924.