It is well known that spending time with animals has a real feel good factor. For most people that is most likely to involve time with a family pet but our young carers recently had the opportunity to get up close to some miniature donkeys.

A local charity, Minature Donkeys for Wellbeing, brought two of their mini donks to our groups so that the young carers could spend time with, stroke, groom and get to know the donkeys. Being miniature donkeys they proved to be an ideal match for the young carers.

All the young carers got the chance to spend time with the animals. Many also tried grooming the animal and there was plenty of stroking and hugs for all the donkeys. For most the is the first time they have got close to a donkey. One young carer said after spending time with the donkeys that they “would love to work with animals”

Enjoyable evening for all and thanks to the “minidonks” team for bringing their donkeys.