Working Carers

According to the 2011 census, 3 million people in the UK currently combine work and care – approximately 1 in 9 people – and this is set to rise due to:

  • Changes to state pension age
  • An ageing population – the number of centenarians in the population is expected to rise by 40% by 2020
  • The reduced availability of social care support and provision.

Many carers, known as “sandwich carers”, will be supporting both children and elderly relatives.

Carers UK’s Caring and Family Finances Inquiry showed that 2.3 million people in the UK have given up work at some point due to their caring role, with 3 million having reduced their working hours.

As the number of carers grows, the impact in the workplace will be felt more widely.

Why Supporting Carers Makes Business Sense

Businesses risk the loss of key experienced and talented staff as they struggle to balance their role at work with their life as a carer. The 2011 census indicates that the ‘peak age’ for unpaid caring is between 50-64. This is at a point in a person’s career when they will have developed valuable skills, knowledge and experience and will likely be making a strong contribution to the workplace. This may lead to increased absenteeism and/or sickness, poor time-keeping and reduced productivity.

Research shows that policies and working practices aimed at supporting carers will:

  • Reduce employee turnover, reduce absenteeism and sickness and improve rates of return on investment in trained and experienced employees
  • Help to attract and maintain an employee pool, protect a company’s skills base and assist in managing output and performance across a business
  • Enhance employee motivation, improve morale, loyalty and reduce levels of employee stress

Employee Assistance Programme

Our Employee Assistance Programme for carers will provide access to services and help organise practical support to:

  • Help manage finances and learn about grants
  • Make sense of options, such as finding paid or residential care
  • Better manage the stresses of looking after someone
  • Balance care with work and family responsibilities

We also provide advocacy support to assist with carer related issues, including meetings with social services, health professionals and at benefits appeals.

Our support is also open to for managers and other staff who may be supporting your employee at work.

Carers and supporters can choose to access these services:

  • By telephone – Access to support by phone 5 days a week 9.00 -5.00 to help better manage the stresses of looking after someone.
  • On the companies premises – Face to face support – for more complex caring situations where a greater level of emotional and practical support is required

In addition we can also be available on site for:

  • Regular drop in sessions  – Access to a family care advisor – no appointment required.
  • Carers Group – a chance to meet other carers in a relaxed atmosphere helping to build an in house support network

Additional Services

Carers Awareness Workshops

A 2 hour interactive workshop aimed at those in managing staff to help them:

  • recognise the signs of caring and identify carers within their teams
  • understand the impacts of caring on the individual and the business
  • with some tips of how they can help support carers  wellbeing
  • build an awareness of the wider support available for carers
  • opportunity for question and answer session

Time will also be available at the end of the workshop for individuals to raise any specific questions.

Would also give the opportunity to review and understand the businesses policies linked to carers.

This service can also be offered as a stand alone workshop to any organisation or business

Carers Policy

Would you like help to create an easy to access Carers policy for your business or review your current policies? If so we would be happy to assist.

Why choose us?

We are an independent Norfolk based charity and have been supporting family carers across Norfolk since 1993; we know a lot about the rewards and challenges of caring and what can be done to make life easier.

  • We recognise that your business is unique.
  • We understand the impact on a business when an employee is also caring for someone.
  • We will work with you to tailor our solutions to your business needs.


We know that the level of support you may wish us to provide will vary from business to business. The pricing structure for our Employee Assistance programme will be based on a number of factors, including the level of support required and the number of employees in your business.

If you would like to find out more about our programme and how it could work for your business please contact us on 01603 219924. We would be happy to meet up and discuss further.





Supporting employees who care for family members or friends.