Three young carers along with Bev Townsend, Young People’s Services Manager. and Lily Ayers, Young Carers Project Co-0rdinator, were invited to join the special audience meeting Pudsey at Norwich Castle on friday night.

We are fortunate that Children in Need fund us to support young carers in Norwich at a fortnightly group. This group gives the young people the chance to have some fun time away from their caring roles and meet with others in the same situation. It a  lso gives them access to a support worker if they need to talk about their situation or are worried about home or school.

To prepare for the project the young carers designed and created their own t shirts especially for the event and got some great comments about their designs on the night.

The three girls who attended the event  all have significant caring roles, which can mean the opportunities to take part in fun activities outside the home are limited. One of the young carers said she had been unable to sleep the night before because she was so excited and likened it to the night before Christmas.

On the night they took part in all the fun activities and especially  liked the medieval weather reporting and face painting.

A special night to celebrate, not only the great work that Children in Need does to support so many children across the UK, but all the young carers we work with and who are all brilliant!

Thank you for inviting us BBC and  Children in Need.